I did an in depth study in L-Systems and how they can be coded using Processing.    After learning how to develop the patterns from the ‘strings’, I delved into learning how to animate and grow them, and constantly had users interact with them.   You can see some images of my process below.
     The final patterns I ended up with are built by the following ’strings’.     OutFractal : Axiom = X ; X = AZFG[++EBFDX]-FX+AF[--ZFBX]+ADX-DDX ; F = AEFBDF    InFractal :   Axiom = H+H+H+H+H ; H = ZCI[+IT+H-ZH]-ETH+ZI ; I = ZCITETI       These are some examples of production rules appearing in the strings above:    H = Draw a straight line with the specified length  |  + = Rotate the specified degree to the right    A = Change stroke color to RGB(170,18,15)  |  Z = Multiple current stroke weight by 0.99      These patterns overlap, and appear superimposed on the panel.
    For the purpose of this prototype, I had users directly input the number of hours they spend outside on an app, which then influenced the growth of the fractals.      PROCESS      The current prototype of InsideOut was preceded by months of research and iteration - these are some of the initial thought maps and prototypes.
    User personas I developed for whom  InsideOut  is targeted towards.
    Initial sketch of the final form of the panel, calling out to the 5 key design considerations.
    Active prototype of the final concept.
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